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About Olansi

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Founded on March 3rd, 2009 Olansi

began in the GaoSha industrial zone with a one floor plant
space that covered an area of only 1080 square meters. 
Having an annual sales of around 2 Million in our first year what
started out as a simple production line and eight employees rapidly
grew by 2010 with Olansi quickly expanding across the country.
With a dedicated focus on quality Air Purifiers in
April, 2011 Olansi
was producing more than 80,000 Units. Only One Year later in
2012, Olansi was then producing 120,000 units. Looking to
expand our product line Olansi
sought to bring the same quality and reliability to our OEM Customers with a new line of Water & Air Purifiers.
Establishing our ministry of foreign trade in June, 2013 (which became the driving force of our
growth into the international market) Olansi expanded our business to many different regions
including South Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and many
other regions.
In 2014 Olansi understood to further grow our Company (but also provide the products our
customers need) we decided to develop a set of ERP Systems in April. By the end of 2014 we
had put these systems in place with various departments to aid in making the work flow easier,
faster and more efficient (providing the foundation to the operating system we currently have in
place today).

In April, 2015 Olansi Expanded our R&D Center to establish and improve the quality of our whole
product line. Performing a total of 450 experiments, utilizing an aging chamber and a total of 11
Laboratory Performance Tests All of Olansi's Products meet our Customer's & Markets Exact
Our Quality Control Department oversees all aspects relating to our products longevity and
reliability. Handling everything from incoming material inspection, product process inspection and finished product inspection every
step of the inspection process is carefully monitored to insure
every products meets our standards and those of our customers.
Along with our Quality Standards Olansi has also improved and grown our Manufacturing
Growing by 59% to 350,000 in 2015 (compared to 2014) our current staff now
numbers more than 200 people and the area of our plant is now more than 10,000 Square Meters
(with 5 Production Lines). By 2016 our production capacity will grow even further and will exceed
more than 500,000 Units.
Much has changed and improved for Olansi from our beginnings in 2009 to 2015. Over the last six
years we have paid special attention to amazingly supporting our employees. Understanding that
they are a crucial part of the success of our business we
work with them to help them
accomplish their dreams (like home ownership) and work to make their life’s better.
Looking to the future Olansi
has secured 33 Acres of Enterprise Land in Nansah with
Construction scheduled to begin in 2016. Taking our experience and dedication to quality we
look to expand with a seamless integration into the Health Industry Market.
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GaoSha Industry Zone, ZhongCun, PanYu, GuangZhou, China

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