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Is Reverse Osmosis Water the best Drinking Water?

RO water was viewed as the best drinking water since it was first introduced as a home water purification system in the 1970s.


Many people drink reverse osmosis water almost exclusively,believing that it was the best, but through personal experience and research, it was discovered the health disadvantage overweigh the advantages.


Why we saying so? Because

A. RO water is demineralized.The semi-permeable membrane of RO system remove most mineral particales,like sodium,calcium,magnesium,and iron etc. It’s sure that drinking de-mineralized water is not healthy. 

B.It makes the water tasteless. People have to add liquid minerals to improve the taste. 

C.The Water is Acidic. RO system makes the PH rate bellow 7.0 Ph. Drinking acidic water is not help maintain a healthy pH balance in the blood, it should be slightly alkaline.Drinking acidic water may cause a mineral imbalance in the body.

D. Some critical contaminants are not removed.The reverse osmosis membrane itself alone doesn’t remove VOCs and a lot of other synthetic chemicals in municipal water. Unless the system add more other filters like Activated Carbon.


It’s not saying that,using R.O water system is not good, if only we find a write way to use, it still can be a best choise.

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