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More than 80% of the global city air pollution exceeds bid

The world health organization (who) has released the latest urban air quality, according to the database in the global 103 countries and regions,

2016-06-07 [ MORE ]

[Common problem analysis of air purifiers] odor sensor

Air quality alarm: The air quality indicator display red light all the time

2016-06-07 [ MORE ]

Why Moms need room air purifier?

It helps to reduce particle pollution and toxic,and eliminate allergens in the air at home. Especially for bedroom,which usually have poor ventilization.

2016-05-24 [ MORE ]

Rich Hydregon Water Cup

When talk about hydrogen-rich water, a lot of people will not feel strange, especially some of the beauty who know it well. Why it is attract us? To tell you the truth, hydrogen-rich water is very import to our body's health.

2016-05-19 [ MORE ]

Haze Harm To The Human Body

Haze, fog and haze combination of words. Haze is common in the city. In some areas of China will fog incorporated into the haze as disastrous weather phenomenon to forecast, collectively referred to as "haze".

2016-05-17 [ MORE ]

Smoking Test of ‪Car‬ Air Purifier

People care about the indoor air quality and car air quality is one of main part.

2016-05-10 [ MORE ]

Hydrogen Water Benefits

Hydrogen Water Generator can be used anywhere, anytime to produce very strong antioxidant freish hydrogen-rich water !

2016-04-29 [ MORE ]

water purifier function

Improving water quality There are still so many scale, heavy metal in the water even after the water boiled.

2016-04-08 [ MORE ]

mexico city faces the air pollution again

Este material cuenta con derechos de propiedad intelectual.

2016-04-07 [ MORE ]

Allergy-friendly Air Puriifer Keep Your Home Safe

Allergens do not stop at the front door. Pollen, mould spores and bacteria can find their way into indoor areas despite precautions such as opening windows only in special times of the day or washing one’s hair before going to bed.

2016-04-02 [ MORE ]

People are more and more care about their health

People are more and more care about their health. In order to reduce the air pollution at home many families have purchased a air purifier. But there are a lot of people use the air purifier at a wrong way.

2016-04-02 [ MORE ]

The original title: air pollution soaring house prices Boston Chinatown development

The original title: air pollution soaring house prices Boston Chinatown development

2016-04-02 [ MORE ]

Air Pollution In India

New Delhi was named the world's most polluted city in 2015 -- and it may finally be taking action.

2016-01-06 [ MORE ]

Is Reverse Osmosis Water the best Drinking Water?

RO water was viewed as the best drinking water since it was first introduced as a home water purification system in the 1970s.

2016-01-06 [ MORE ]

Air Purifier with Built-in Mosquito Catcher

Is the mosquito catch function necessary?

2016-01-03 [ MORE ]


The air pollution is still in the red alert in so many places. We just cannot ignore it and we have to find the way to let our bodies far away from the air pollution. What we need is the air purifier to protect us.

2016-01-03 [ MORE ]

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution

2015-12-23 [ MORE ]

How to Choose an Air Purifier

Clearly, the fact that you found this webpage means that you already know how important it is to have an air purifier in your home or business. So, we don’t have to waste your time trying to convince you to get one.

2015-12-18 [ MORE ]

What Is Hydrogen-Rich Water?


2015-12-15 [ MORE ]

New national stardard for Air Purifiers in China

On 25th Sep. 2015, China has set a new national standard for air purifiers. This is to bring order to the contry’s chaotic purifier market.

2015-11-10 [ MORE ]




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