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Olansi is one of the leaders brands in China in the field of water purification products and core components and air purification technology.

Production Ability

We always believe that only achieve the production capacity of a breakthrough to bring greater value to customers service, for which the process of enterprise development, we always spare no effort.

Olansi introduction of the world's leading direct drinking machine, water purifiers production lines and improve the accurate computer detection system, including the application of the whole production process of LED indoor monitoring system. In order to improve operational energy efficiency, standardized management processes, we have implemented in every production process rigorous quality testing, and we will proceed from the production area to develop corresponding measurement mechanisms, including the inspection of products lasting performance of aging tests . Over the years,product qualification rate has remained at over 99%.


We also attach importance to innovation and technological development, invest huge sums of established professional R & D center, from water quality research, product design. Parts material decomposition laboratory performance testing to explore more than close cooperation, innovative production techniques, to meet social development needs to provide the most reliable support.


We aim to become a global business excellence, in-depth study ofthe world's top 500 enterprise management, enterprise management system to optimize sound, follow the principle of fairness and ethics, and constantly open up development opportunities for staff.

In a production process specification, we can implement the establishment of a management principles and norms based on market and development of enterprises, such as the production code of conduct of employees, complete process design and measurable monitoring and management, which includes posts with employees must pass corresponding to the positions of the qualifying examination, a number of production lines in parallel operation of the program, product performance testing. This scientific and principled way management has been successful in reducing costs and loss of 20 percent per year, increase customer and business benefits.

Business Impaction

Technological innovation and keep pace with market demand is the most important reason for Olansi to achieve business growth.


2013, along with the continued expansion of this advantage, Olansi water appliances sales exceeded 300,000 units, provide the impetus for the global expansion of environmentally friendly household appliances industry. Olansi drinking water purification equipment to improve the health of residents of water, at the same time get public recognition has also attracted the attention of many international companies, Olansi has become sodimac / swiss water and many other well-known foreign companies partners.


In addition to providing customers with the development of solutions for our service principle is to make everything more convenient. Complete a variety of service processes.

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